Are you not getting the expected response(s) even though you had created your profile on Moris Talent Hunt .com & applied for countless Jobs/Auditions?

Possible Reasons

1. You profile might be incomplete i.e., you have not uploaded your complete details / experience / portfolio / photographs / video / links etc.

2. You might not have checked your email/the response(s) in Junk / Bulk / Spam Folder from time to time.

3. You might have not showcased/presented yourself properly through your profile.

4. You might not be applying for the available jobs/auditions regularly.

5. Your profile is lost in the crowd as hundred of profiles are uploaded on the portal every day.

6. When dealing with large numbers of profiles, film makers/casting agency might have missed your profile.

7. You might not have followed-up the queries, as response means nothing more than an overture, a request, for next contact or more information, not necessarily an offer.

8. You might have applied to a fake/ non-existent job/audition posted by a casting agency/coordinator to build up their database for fulfilling the future requirement of their clients.

How to increase your chances of success?

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20. Add your listing to Bollywood Directory

21. Add complete details/experience/portfolio/photographs/video/links etc. to your profile.

22. Ensure to share and promote your Moris Talent Hunt profile link on social networking sites.

23. Check your email /the response(s) in Junk / Bulk / Spam Folder from time to time.

24. Showcase/present yourself properly through your profile.

25. Keep your profile updated. 26. Having a well-presented, clean and easy-to-read profile that is free of spelling and grammatical errors creates a good impression.

27. Follow-up the queries sincerely and take expert advice to showcase your talent.

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29. Check the credentials, background & history of the company before applying for jobs/auditions.

30. Take expert advice to showcase your talent.

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