The assumption that only celebrities or a famous person needs a manager is wrong on too many levels. All artists needs a level of management, we at MTH understand that requirement. We intend on managing our raw talent finds,Groom them, Try to understand their strengths and weaknesses and devise a strategy accordingly. Guide them with accordance to their fortes, projects and other relevant issues. Represent them through our team, their own websites which will be made by us. Get a professional portfolio made for the artists.

Expose them to the correct channels in order to help them get a foothold in the industry.Possessing talent is not enough. It is the milestone for achievement but the raw talent needs to go through an extensive curating process in order to be presentable.

At MTH we see through this entire process, it is not necessary that all talented artists will have an inherent quality of choosing the correct project for themselves, and more often than never potentials talents are lost in the crowd, courtesy wrong decisions.

We at MTH provide all our talents with meaningful counselling and guidance which is our effort at steering them towards success. Since we rigorously keep ourselves informed about the strengths and weaknesses of our talents, we pool our Intel towards matching our talent with projects which will do them justice, and justice be done to the project in return.