Casting Calls, Auditions & Acting Jobs Near You

Casting Calls, Auditions & Acting Jobs Near You

Submit to Casting Calls & Acting Auditions near your city & anywhere in the world. Just submit your profile and get an opportunity to showcase your talent. You can post your finest photographs, and take a step forward towards landing that dream role!

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Direct Online Auditions | Best Acting Jobs. Daily.

Via Direct Online Auditions, you can easily find tons of casting calls. You can find auditions for ads, web-series, films, print media and television shows. Everything is posted by casting directors and industry professionals. Moris Talent Hunt is the best meeting place for the industry.

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Easy Auditions. Anywhere in the World

Everything is easy with Moris Talent Hunt. You can use our simple casting call procedures through which different casting directors can contact you for online video-based auditions. Now no need to travel. Goodbye expenses!

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Action Clips

It’s simple. Just record and upload your footage at the click of a button, and the world will witness your fine skills. We believe every talent deserves its best. The Directors of this industry await you. So, make sure to present yourself in your finest form.

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Join Moris Talent Hunt today and connect with agents seeking new talent for exciting roles. Your talent deserves nothing but the best. And we know that representation is what matters.

Casting Calls!

Casting professionals, agents-managers & directors, everyone can view your profile just by a single click. Showcase your shots, videos, and voice notes — right from your phone.