From living under Hijab to become a Fashion Queen

1mo ago 2 min read

‘Surviving odds and shining bright aren’t these signs of a lady with might’.

 Imagine situations where women need an assertion from their male counterparts for every inch step they take. A society where women have a separate set of rules and standards to survive. The softer sex in the middle east has long lived under binding restrictions and immense discrimination. Both culture and traditions affirm them as weaker sex bound to live subdued, snatching all their freedom of wishful living. If categorically listed, The middle east Islamic and Arabic women are blessed with unfailing beauty, features to die for, eye-catching contours and an inborn flair to rule the glamour world. Ironically, this part of the globe restricts their women to stay behind curtains.  Maybe this stunning beauty is the reason for them to be veiled customarily. The Iranian modelling agencies specifically thrive by only the men Adonis capturing the fame game. Female models are rare to none in those areas.

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