A trending makeup artist is on the look out!!

1mo ago 2 min read

When it comes to makeup and styling, perfection is a must. Often it is noticed that a fashion malfunction or a style hack leads to the longest trolled order of life in a person’s career. There are very few talents in the makeup industry that have a flawless hand in maintaining perfection in their line of work.

One such persona is Swati. From cooking in the kitchen to digging into mouthwatering cuisines, Swati is an avid food lover. Apart from that, she is a bookworm who loves to spend her time around books, along with a passion for gardening. With such sharp interests in life, Swati also had excelled in the sports and extracurricular activities in school days, without hampering her excellence in studies. To add more to it, she has been involved in social and charitable causes since a very long period and has made a point to continue to do so. Shining among all these is her art of makeup and styling.

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