Your platform is not divorced from your creativity, it is part and parcel of your professional portfolio


The gateway to the entertainment industry opens with a professional portfolio. Though an initial portfolio is an eponymous representation of the individual, and as the talent grows the portfolio grows along. Nevertheless the first impression carries a lot of weight. This holds particularly true in the Entertainment and Media Industry. The first thing that catches your eye when you look at a person is his or her face. Likewise, with the help of a Professional Portfolio, making a good first impression on AD/Film Maker would be much easier than you have thought.

Professional Portfolio is a real step forward for presenting yourself which allows you to showcase yourself in a way that sets you apart from the crowd. It is like a Passport to modeling/acting industry as every AD/Film Maker wanted to see how photogenic and perfect your face is for the Film/AD role. A good portfolio gives a chance to the client or agency to visualize that model/actor in their forthcoming AD/Film shoot, so that they can choose him/her accordingly.

A good portfolio shot by a professional not only enhances your chance of getting a good break in Ads and Film industry but also gives you a right start and confidence. Since, Portfolio is your first step to enter into the entertainment world it has to be handled very carefully. It should highlight your talent, looks/beauty, moods, expressions and emotions.

It works as a Graduation Degree for an aspiring talent. It is very essential that you get your portfolio done with great care and preparation because a poorly shot portfolio can damage your entire career as a Model/Actor even before it actually begins. It is a set of professionally clicked pictures/videos of a model/actor in various looks, make-up and expressions. A picture is worth a thousand words. Similarly a great portfolio creates a lasting impact on the AD/Film Makers.We strongly believe that behind every successful model/actor there is a good Portfolio and a reliable agency, other than - of course the Model’s / Actor’s talent, determination and hard work.

Benefits of getting a portfolio done through Moris Talent Hunt

At Moris Talent Hunt, we can help you launch your career as a professional model/actor. You can choose any of our portfolio packages as per your needs. If you are getting your Professional Portfolio done for the first time, we first meet you personally to evaluate your looks, body, skin and talent, so that we can guide you accordingly. Our Professionals will give you complete guidance regarding selection of clothes/fashion accessories/script etc. required for your portfolio shoot. If we feel your clothes are not appropriate for the portfolio shoot, we recommend you to buy or borrow from any of your friends. We use Digital Photography for still as well as video portfolio shoot. Once you have the portfolio ready, we will promote and market it in the Entertainment, Media & Glamour Industry.