Personalised Promotions

Promotions are a make or break tool. It is one such mechanism which acts as a driving force in regards to popularity among the audiences.

Our actors are of global standards, and they deserve the best out of this mechanism. In most cases it has been seen that veteran actors get promotional exposure mostly with relations to their current or ongoing projects, this is not a device of customised promotion, It highlights the film as a product and does not focus solely on the actor in question.

We understand this deficit and have made this a part of our endeavour, to devise a personalised tool, which will be a customised promotional act. In the process the actor gets his/her recognition and gets focussed on solely. We focus on one individual solely and pool our efforts accordingly to create a personalised promotional campaign.

Also we intend to devise a customised promotional campaign which turns the spotlight only on the celebrity and aids in focused promotions. Also we are open to curating campaigns for events when requested.