Moris Talent Hunt Exclusive membership is a set of services given to the artist who wishes to work with Moris Talent Hunt Exclusively. Moris Talent Hunt as an agency gives the first priority to their Exclusive members who work closely with their Talent Manager to set their career graph with proper planning.

We make it easier for our casting professionals to find great talent by putting applications from Moris Talent Hunt members at the top of their list and give foremost visibility on the website, Directory, Followers list & on recruiter’s recommendation to our Exclusive Talent to be first to be noticed by the recruiters.

Our Exclusive members get a special range of benefits with services like a personal manager, free portfolio shoot and free grooming and workshops along with many other benefits.

Check the details Exclusive services: https://www.moristalenthunt.com/become-our-exclusive-talent

Exclusive talent badge is given to the Exclusive members of Moris Talent Hunt. Exclusive Members are the certified who works exclusively with the Moris Talent Hunt.

To become an Exclusive member, you need to go through a verification process to check your eligibility to become Moris Talent Hunt Exclusive Talent.

To upgrade to Exclusive membership you can send a request for approval by filling up an Exclusive upgrade submission form. On the bases of your Profile details, uploaded media, Talent, Skills & shared Government ID proof your profile will be validated for approval.

Once you submit your exclusive upgrade request your profile will be reviewed by our Talent Management team. We look at a number of factors when evaluating your Moris Talent Hunt accounts to determine an individual’s personality to predict their career graph and meet our verification criteria. Based on your profile details, pictures, videos & your submitted document your profile will go through verification. If your profile is approved for the upgrade you will receive an email after approval and then you can upgrade your profile to avail of the exclusive service.

In addition to following Moris Talent Hunt's Terms & Conditions, your account also needs to be:

· Authentic: Your account must represent a real person. The legal name & Date of Birth mention on the account should be the same as on your government ID proof. Photos, Audio or Video should be real.

· Complete: Your profile must have complete information about you, Bio, Physical attributes, Education, Experience (if any), skills, work preference, Photos/audio/videos or media. Your profile details or media must be authentic.

Keep in mind that if you provide false or misleading information during the verification process, your profile might not get approval or we may take additional action to delete your account.

Verified Badge is given to the Exclusive members, which appears on their profile as a Blue right Tick which signifies that the profile has been approved by Moris Talent Hunt & is an authentic Talent. Moris Talent Hunt Exclusive members go through a set of verification processes to check their authenticity & talent and only approved member can get Exclusive Membership hence, Blue Verified tick to prove they are certified.

To get a Blue verified tick in your profile you have to be an Exclusive member of Moris Talent Hunt. It is automatically given to Exclusive members who have completed the verification process and have upgraded their profile. Blue verified badge appears on profile along with Exclusive Badge after Exclusive Upgrade. The Blue verified tick is significant while applying for auditions as Blue Tick shows that you are a verified & authentic talent & recruiters are more like to work with certified professionals. Blue Tick is given to all the Exclusive members, irrespective of their plan terms.

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