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Things have changed from the old school time of when Managers only managed someone who had “something going on.”Managers are now much more hands on in working with actors at every level. Managers represent actors at all stages of their careers. Ideally, they help develop the actor’s image and will promote and introduce them to industry contacts.

Managers generally provide more personal guidance than agents do. Any actor could, potentially, benefit from a personal manager.Your chances of getting a personal manager to represent you, however, are much better if you have an ‘angle’ from which to market yourself. Moris Talent Hunt can help you identify what your angle might be and what your chances of getting your own personal manager are.
Moris talent hunt offers you the largest global platform with a group of professional and talented managers to grip your foot in the entertainment industry. We maintainthe world’s largest talent group and set of managers in Show Biz Industry around the world. Our managers are highly educated on the industry standards and flexible as per your needs. Our objective is to build a connection between the talents and the talent seekers in the most conventional way to benefit both the parties.

Moris Talent Hunt Managerial service is not just limited to Celebrities and Artists but also to those set of people who can’t afford to keep full time manager or don’t require a full time manager or the fresher but yet they wish to get their things managed by the professionals. Hence, Moris Talent Hunt is providing an affordable Personal Manager to meet all the requirements cost effective way.

Our personal manager helps you with a number of services that incudes mentoring, promotions, counseling’s and follow ups. The Personal Manager will take special care in boosting an individual profile including planning auditions and meetings with the industry stalwarts. From mailing to your interviewed via an extensive questionnaire to your answers along with your resume or portfolio or managing all your account and holding professional work calls all will be done by the Personal Manager.

With Moris Talent Hunt Personal Manager Service you get secure &professional service with 24*7 committed services.


MorisTalent Hunt takes a great privileged to identify the real talent by giving a special badge of Moris Talent Hunt Exclusive Talent. If you have talent and you are confident in in your ability and aptitude then Moris talent hunt believes in you.

If you have Talent then you can become Moris Talent Hunt Exclusive Talent by signing an Exclusive contract with Moris Talent Hunt. By becoming Moris Talent Hunt Exclusive Talent you get various benefits like Grooming & guidance, Personalize auditions and job calls including Personal Manager service.

How to become Moris Talent Hunt Talent


If you are free member and find it difficult to manage or follow up with casting call and agents every time or not getting proper responses on your applications. Then it’s time to get a personal Manager who can take help you better to find a role for yourself and follow up on your behalf

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Celebrity Manager

Celebrities might elect to a personal manager to further organize their professional career and hopefully open new vistas of opportunities to themselves, to the extent practicable. Personal Manager is vital in making and destroying the lives and career of Celebrities.

Moris talent hunt offers you the best and largest group of secure professional and high-class talented managers to represent you in the entertainment industry. Our managers are well qualified and trained on the industry standards and flexible as per your needs and could help open doors for you in a fiercely competitive callous Industry.

We aim at providing the standard services at a minimal charge to ensure you get your work done by professionals at minimal cost without having to pay high fee to personal Managers.

Get the secure &professional service from Moris Talent Hunt and save your time and money.

Moris Talent Hunt Ensures:

  • Our Personal Manager are Legitimate &Certificated
  • Highly Qualified & Trained
  • Flexible as per the requirement
  • Relatively Well-Connected in the Industry
  • Well-groomed Personality and high standard
  • Skilled in Interpersonal communication & Management
  • Well informed of Legal Counsel and experts
  • Easy to Connect with
  • Highly Sure and Professional