Celebrity Management

In the world of Innovations and technologies every things has been digitalized and avail through windows and apps giving easy access to end number of possibilities. Regardless of the time, place or a thing, it’s all just a touch away. We have the world at nimble of our fingertip.

Notwithstanding the time or place that we tend to are in with exclusive margin of our deft tip to focus on the basic need, or for managing an account or a social event. The list is not exhaustive and we tend to take life dynamical decisions like job support or opting for a business adventure or vocalizing our considerations on an online platform.

However the preeminent sought after, and the veteran performing artists are dependable on their managers with a luring expectations of arranging and restraining their extraordinary confounding timetables. Moris talent Hunt is focused on expelling those crimps.

We realize the essence digitlizing the most important lives of we all, the Entertainment henceforth lead to the creation of a unique Celebrity Management App. Our efforts are focussed for getting rid of those calendars which are exceptionally harming juxtaposition and also the presence of ambiguousness within the communication along with other related troubles which needs to be avoided.

We provide a platform to disentangle the issues which are faced by the actors due to their managers as well as the accountants. The app aims at replacing the whole managerial system thereby granting the Celebrities to have control of their own life and schedule. With the App celebrities can easily schedule their calendar by choosing the date of their availability and shall accordingly will be notified of the contacts and the projects. If anyone which to cast them and contact they celebrity will be simple notified of the interest and should they wish to read, accept or check later app will notify itself which completely eliminates the chance to miss the best offer. This amazing creation is specially featured with convenience by simplifying the process of communication and connections at the work place through an easy App. We digitalize the entire process of Film Making, with this App one can connect to anyone; get contacted for the projects from around the Globe without having to contact the managers


1. As the celebrity creates an account with our system, the information so provided will be archived by our team.

2. Whoever comes up with a project, with the celebrity in mind, the app checks the celebrity’s filters and calendar, matches it with the requirements of the project.

3. The celebrity will receive notifications with the influx of all new projects and he will be able to view it with accordance to their flexible time. If they are unable to read the project at the given time then then can schedule a later reading and the app will send the same message to the contact person and celebrity will be notified at the given they wish to read.

4. Moreover, the celebrity if interested will be able to access information about all projects in collaboration with us from all production houses and will be able to put in an interest if so.

5. The customized or multi message option will help the celebrity to gain more about certain projects from the film maker or production house, while not revealing their personal information.

6. The project party will be informed about the same.

7. In such a case, both parties will thus be able to set dates for further meetings if needed through the app.

8. The app will ask for the free dates of the celebrity for the year and next thus trying to create a hassle free schedule which will abolish juxtaposition of projects and chaos, this can also be done manually by the celebrity since many times their projects gets delayed or rescheduled.

9. The app will be also be a reminder notification with regard to important news, calendar marked dates, emergencies or grievances.

10. It's just limited to that. Further, if celebrity wishes to be aid with assistance in taxation or legal assistance, it's all featured on the app