Benefits for Film Makers

In 21st century, where globalization and digitalization are affecting people worldwide, India is no more behind… Impact and roll of advanced technology is clearly visible in our daily lives, in both personal and professional aspects… we all are aware of terms like “digital India” and “cashless India” much heard in our country these days we all have grown tech savvy and internet has become the biggest necessity, there is nothing we can’t do online. In fact, we have easy access to everything we need through different apps handy on our smart phones.

Regardless of the time or place that we are in with only a touch of our nimble fingertip can do our shopping, grocery, banking and socialising. It does not end here we take life changing decisions like choosing a job, opting for a business venture or vocalising our thoughts online.

Film makers even in the most recent times are only dependent on emails and phones, be it casting/crew/line producers or a celebrity’s management system. During the 80s a film maker would make a movie in a year or two. But today Indian cinema is being appreciated worldwide, which in itself has become a challenge for a film maker. That is why a film maker today attempts to make 2 to 3 movies in a year, and thus looking into all aspects of all his projects personally has become next to impossible. This differentiates the movies made today from that of the 80s.

A number of new departments have been thus introduced into our industry like casting directors and coordinators, line producers, executive producers. But if scrutinized properly in spite of all these new designations, a casting director provides the film maker with the same array of artists that is already available to him, and also this increases the budget, and the movie is compromised to a certain extent, and in spite of all of this the film maker still has to do the same task that he used to do during the 80s.

Moris films production house Pvt Ltd after a long, deep research has decided to launch Moris talent Hunt on a grand scale, the very first platform which can solve all the problems of a film maker by providing them the hidden talent world-wide, be it an actor, a writer, a musician or any other kind of artist.Our endeavour is to introduce the world of digitalisation into the process of film making,by letting the internet infiltrate the core process and offer all its goodness,we want o break down boundaries and infuse the essence into the process of making a film from conception to the final product,and not let it be limited to the post film making stage of marketing and promotion. We intend to give the entertainment industry an opportunity to reap all the benefits gotten from digitalisation.


A film maker churns out multiple projects in a very short time. Thus due to the same reason, he is no more the sole decision maker for all aspects such as casting, location, techincal and non-technical of his project. Creators today go through a ton of trouble in order to search for proper talents who would match their criteria. The number of films made has also grown which in turn has put a time cap on projects. During the 80s and early 90s a film maker would make only one film in a year or two, but the picture today is very different.

We propose on doing all the hard work in order to fulfil all the requirements of a film maker, in relation to talents.

With accordance to our research the real problem lies in the fact that time is never on the stride thus important work such as casting is delegated out to casting directors and in most cases the vision is lost. Film makers are directed into the wrong path, they do not have the freedom of time to search and choose, and we propose on doing just that for them.

We will meticulously search for and curate fresh talents from all places and film makers will be able to choose from a huge array of people, which will enable them to choose and realise their vision.

Also we will be having an array of celebrities who have agreed on tying with us.

Thus we also intend on minimizing the hurdles that a film maker faces while trying to contact a celebrity. They will be able to communicate their project and intention directly to the celebrity, without going through a manager, just by contacting through the app.

We intend on eliminating the slack and kinks in the process, by digitalising our archive which ensures access at all times no matter what the condition. Thus time is saved and expectations are met.


1. Film makers create an account on our platform by feeding in all the information asked for.
2. The information is verified by our team, by conducting physical visits to the company.
3. Once the information has been verified, and archived the film maker will be able to feed in information about their project for which they need actors and artists.
4. The platform will ask to the genre of the project along with the time line, and the concept, and also inquire about their requirements.
5.The same will be then verified by our team physically by going to their office.
6. Once the same has been verified, our team will put together a wide array of options in actors and artists to choose from.
7. The film maker in turn will then zero down on their choices, and out team will conduct an audition for the chosen ones in relation to the project.
8. Also if the film maker has a celebrity actor in mind for the project, they will be able to choose from the array of celebrities collaborating with us, and the actors will be notified of the same, if accepted the film maker will be notified.
9. In case of a declination, the film maker will be notified too.

The range of designations fulfilled by us enables the film maker to choose from a vast array of people in varied roles with accordance to his/her requirement.

Listed below are the genres and designations provided for by us.

Crew A-G: 3D Animation, Action Director, Asst. Action Director,Asst. Art Director, Assistant Director, Assistant Editor,Asst. Light Technician, Casting Director , Choreographer , Cinematographer, Color Correction, Dialogue Writer, Director, Director Photography, Dubbing Artist, Editor , Fiction Director , First Camera Asst. , General Coordinator , Graphic Designer, Line Producer.

Crew H-Z: Hair Stylist, Lighting Manager, Light-Man, Location Manager, Lyricist, Make-Up Artist, Music Director, Producer, Production Assistant, Production Coordinator, Production Manager, Screenplay Writer ,Script Writer, 2nd Camera Asst., Set Crew Set Manager ,Special Effects, Spot, Technician, Vocalist.

Animal & Pet: Bird, Cat, Dog, Reptile, Wild.

Professional H-Z: Advocate, Architect, Astrologer, Carpenter, Chartered Accountant, Costume Access., Costume Designer, Diver, Doctor, Driver ,Electrician, Engineer, Fashion Designer, Financial Consultant , Floweriest, Guide.

Location: Art Gallery, Auditorium, Bar, Bungalow, Café, Farm House, Flat, Hotel/Resort, House, Locality, Office, Rehearsal Hall, Restaurant, Sports Centre.

Equipment: Camera & Access., Light Equipment, Sound Equipment, Stock, Used Equipment/Spare.

Vehicle: Air Craft, Four Wheeler, Helicopter, Make-up Van, Marine, Two Wheeler.

Material: Accessories, Artistic Work, Furniture, Historical, Periodical Collection.