Benefits for Celebrities

Not only that we jump onto the matrimonial bandwagon in search of a life partner through online forums and sites, and with minimal efforts get to know about a potential partner’s likes, dislikes and other attributes. But in spite of the radical growth in digitalisation, one of our strongest industry that of the Indian cinema which is acclaimed worldwide, an important part of the cinema industry is still unable to digitalise itself. Whereas a movie made in this industry today is promoted and marketed digitally, the most important parts of the film making process does not use the potential of the internet.

Regardless of the time or place that we are in with only a touch of our nimble fingertip can do our shopping, grocery, banking and socialising. It does not end here we take life changing decisions like choosing a job, opting for a business venture or vocalising our thoughts online.

We bring a safe and secured platform for talented artists who can reach the film makers, through this digital platform, they can showcase their talent and explore themselves easily they don’t need to come to Mumbai any more, filmmakers can reach them and cast them with easy process without wasting any time, energy and money.

Yet, the most coveted and veteran actors in our country are still dependent on their managers, in hopes of organising and taming their intense dizzying schedules. We at Moris talent Hunt have our eyes and aim set at removing all of these kinks. Our actors are acclaimed worldwide and people from all over have started discerning their capability, In the wake of all of these events they deserve more, such as a more organised and personal managerial system which cannot be provided by a separate individual. We mean to pool our efforts to get rid of that annoying and extremely damaging juxtaposition in calendars, loopholes in communication, and other troubles can be avoided.


Acting is a profession which is essentially born out of passion. We have a plethora of incredible actors in our country, and most of them have earned acclamation from all over the world, which has intensified their routines, and made them incredible busy with projects coming from all kinds of places. Number of potential associations and collaborations are directly proportional to the international acclaim of the celebrity. Processing this vast amount of information proves to be a challenge for the celebrity, which is why every actor opts into a recruiting a manager or enrols with a talent agency for a hefty fee. No matter how many people an actor recruits, he is the ultimate and sole decision maker, and the information reaches him only through a meagre email or presentation, which lacks ample verification, and is not enough for the actor to decipher if the project is genuine or fake, and if it matches the actor’s expectations.

Many times the celebrity is travelling and connection is not possible, more often than never it becomes humanly difficult to refuse a project in person where the project belongs to an acquaintance or a long term working associate. Other times the manager loses track of projects proposed and information never reaches the celebrity, which deprives them of the freedom of choice.

In spite of having a person exclusively for management and communication, many times projects are lost, news is not delivered within deadlines and many other troubles crop up. This is mainly because of the dizzying rate of globalisation and travel. On several occasions the manager is not available, or he is not in the correct state of mind, on various cases the manager fails to keep a track of all the projects proposed and the dates allotted by them in the celebrity’s schedule, thus many projects go haywire. Which all boils down to one point of interesting and potential project loss.

After intense research we have realised that actors need a platform which would act as their digital calendar manager which can be manipulated and tweaked by the artist himself/herself with their convenience. We thus have and a lot of hard work come up with a one of a kind celebrity management app which is immensely convenient and strives to eliminate all the slack that is created in communication, by digitalising the entire process, without the actor revealing contact details and other information that he wants to withhold thus along with preserving their privacy they will be able to access a lot of information. The managerial system will be abolished, and an app will replace that, which grants instant access to a plethora of projects, along with the creator’s expectations, project dates, concept and locations. The celebrity will be able to put forward information about their available dates, location choices and all other information which they deem necessary while choosing a project which will give the film makers a direction towards their casting aspirations.

The actor thus has an option of choosing his option of interest, and availability, just by an app, which is almost always accessible given a good network is available, and nevertheless it almost eliminates error. Our app will inform he celebrity about all the prospect of potential projects, their genre, dates, location and content, which will enable them to access all information needed without a meeting, or spending much, and accepting or rejecting is equally easy, this also can be done with the app, this also enables them to refuse a project if it does not catch the attention of the celebrity just by the app without hurting the presenter emotionally.


1. The celebrity creates an account with us and the information is archived by our team.
2. Whoever comes up with a project, with the celebrity in mind, the app checks the celebrity’s filters and calendar, matches it with the requirements of the project.
3. The celebrity will receive notifications with the influx of all new projects and he will be able to view it with accordance to his flexible time. If he is busy and is unable to read the project at the given time he can schedule a later reading and the app will remind him/her about the same.
4. Moreover, the celebrity if interested will be able to access information about all projects in collaboration with us from all production houses and will be able to put in an interest if so.
5. If the celebrity is inquisitive about a certain project and wishes to know more about it, they will then be provided with a customized/multi message option for sending to the film maker or production house, without revealing their personal contact details.
6. The project party will be intimidated about the same.
7. In such a case, both parties will thus be able to set dates for further meetings if needed through the app.
8. The app will ask for the free dates of the celebrity for the year and next thus trying to create a hassle free schedule which will abolish juxtaposition of projects and chaos, this can also be done manually by the celebrity since many times their projects gets delayed or rescheduled.
9. The app will be also be a reminder notification with regard to important news, calendar marked dates, emergencies or grievances.
10. Moris Talent Hunt will aid the actor with assistance in taxation, and will also provide legal assistance if requested for by the actor.