Benefits for Artists

In 21st century, where globalization and digitalization are affecting people worldwide, India is no more behind… Impact and roll of advanced technology is clearly visible in our daily lives, in both personal and professional aspects… we all are aware of terms like “digital India” and “cashless India” much heard in our county these days we all have grown tech savvy and internet has become the biggest necessity, there is nothing we can’t do online. In fact, we have easy access to everything we need through different apps handy on our smart phones.

Regardless of the time or place that we are in with only a touch of our nimble fingertip can do our shopping, grocery, banking and socialising. It does not end here we take life changing decisions like choosing a job, opting for a business venture or vocalising our thoughts online.

Not only that we jump onto the matrimonial bandwagon in search of a life partner through online forums and sites, and with minimal efforts get to know about a potential partner’s likes, dislikes and other attributes. But in spite of the radical growth in digitalisation, one of our strongest industry that of the Indian cinema which is acclaimed worldwide, an important part of the cinema industry is still unable to digitalise itself. Whereas a movie made in this industry today is promoted and marketed digitally, the most important parts of the film making process does not use the potential of the internet.

Irony here is, talent in India is not limited only to these people or people who have geographic proximity to the city of dreams. What about the talent hidden in different parts of country who have the same passion? not everyone who wants to be an actor and attains all the qualities for that, are able to access bollywood for auditions due to lack of resources or fears like casting couch or getting exploited what they get to hear from others which is somewhat true. So they don’t have any access to proper channels to showcase their talent and fulfil their dreams which is certainly a loss to the industry as well as the film makers. Also, we can say that the casting process can be limited inside an AC cabin of a casting director but talent has no limit, and art has no boundaries. It is not only limited to actors, there are many talented writers, directors and musicians who want to explore their qualities but unfortunately don’t have any access to the right place. The cinema industry also needs a drastic change because audience world-wide has growing expectations, they want to see new faces, experience new content and listen to new; different kind of music, it is not possible only on phone calls, e-mails and whatsapp messaging as mediums of contact even the established actors of industry are dependent on their respective celebrity managers for their schedules and other required things just through phone calls, e-mail or whatsapp must be tough for them many times so digitalization is highly required here too.

We bring a safe and secured platform for talented artists who can reach the film makers, through this digital platform, they can showcase their talent and explore themselves easily they don’t need to come to Mumbai any more, filmmakers can reach them and cast them with easy process without wasting any time, energy and money.


“Every great dream begins with a dreamer”. An artist is primary to this process, at Moris talent hunt we abide by this golden thought. It is a platform that offers a unique and a truly rare opportunity to artists of all genres to portray their talent in front of a global platform, in snippets. This caters as the magical bridge for all those artists who for several reasons be it finance, or their geographical location are unable to physically make it to the city of dreams. If you have talent, be sure that we will search for you, groom you, direct you towards the right path, and make all efforts to embody your dream of becoming an established artist in Bollywood. Videos and audios of artists will thus play the protagonist in being their representatives to a selection of the most famous jury in the entertainment industry and in turn will open a sea of opportunities.

Why us?

We are the one and only platform which makes the effort of scouring for the raw talents. Our dedicated team has only one motive of searching for people who possess immense potential but are unable to plate up their talents due to financial troubles, lack of grooming and the unavailability of the proper channels, to reach the proper jury, With us there are no finances involved, our whole purpose is to portray all of those talents and get them recognition.
We take pride in the fact that we find gems from the most unlikely places and give them their suitable recognition.
Moris talent hunt is your guide, consultant and manager all wrapped into one.


1. Artists sign up with Moris Talent Hunt Platform, Provides us with their details, Pictures and Video/Audio clip.
2. Our Jury verifies the information, judges it.
3. A decision is made if the artist has potential and accordingly if successful he/she is approved for our platform archive.
4. A confirmation is sent to the artist through email and message.
5. The talent is broadcasted through proper channels.
6. Our team reached out to the artist and the necessary grooming is done.
7. The artist is provided with a consultant.
8. After a period of 15 days a free class is provided to the artist with the basics of the trade.
9. The platform provides the artist with projects, the artist agrees or rejects on their judgment and guidance from us.

The platform also presents a great opportunity for models, photographers, retouchers, make -up artists and stylists, in a way that if any of the above-mentioned people need a shoot to be done but is crippled financially or on any other avenues, the platform connects them to a network of people needed for the job, and it is done without any monetary involvement. The platform charges the people involved once they land a second job on the basis of the first job done on a commission basis.

When we say actor/artist, it is not only about the people on the screen that we are talking about. We are indicating towards all the possible people on both sides of the camera. Also we keep in mind about people who are not lead actors but have other important role to play.

A glimpse of the different categories looked out for by us are listed below:

Anchor, Celebrities, Child Artist , Character Artist ,Comedian , Dancer , DJ , Lead Artist , Look-a-Like , Model , RJ , Singer , Stuntman , Supporting Artist , Villain , VJ , Voice Over Artist.