Every talent aspires to reach the stars but face many hurdles on their path, MTH goes an extra mile to find those raw talents from different parts of the world and bring them to a bigger platform to give them a great career exposure.

Today the World has changed phenomenally, today most of the Film makers/ recruiters wish to work withauthentic and upskill talents as they are not willing to take a chance of risking their money and projects at the hands of amateur artists. On the contrary, fresh talents still live and follow the old school style of self-struggle and move around in search of auditions/work without any proper knowledge or guidance, putting in lot of effort and money to achieve their hollow dream. These raw talents lose their hope midway before being processed when their efforts bear no fruit.

There is a myth that only famous people and celebrities require management services but that’s not true.In today’s world for a fresher it’s very crucial to get a right exposure and proper instruction to have a right kickstart to their career, as their whole career depends from where they start and how they start. After years of experience and research Moris Talent Hunt estimate the recurrent difficulties and understand the nerve of the Film Makers/recruiters as well as the emerging talent and hence, we woe for a mission to find talent around the globe and help talented artists take off their career to the direction of success through a right platform with proper guidance. All artists need a level of management, we at MTH understand that requirement and also understand that every Talent can’t afford to invest lot of money on grooming and Personal development and more over having a Personal Manager would be a fantasy.

But we are on a mission to hunt talent. And if you believe in your talent then we believe in you. You don’t need to invest lots of money to achieve your dreams. MTH exclusively invest our time, money and resources in your talent and provide service to empower you throughout your journey because we understand you better.

We at Moris Talent Hunt adapt exclusive talent management techniques to nurture your talent with our team of highly skilled professionals who finds, refines and fine tune your talent, carefully screen your profile, create portfolio and assign projects accordingly to help you enhance your career by choosing the right project for the relevant talent.

By the means of exclusive talent management, we aim to provide privileges such as grooming, etiquette training and development, meaningful counselling and guidance, skills, attitude and knowledge to improve at each stage of your career and help you get the right exposure.


At MTH, we take care of the entire procedure, it is not necessary that all talented artists possess an inherent quality of choosing the right project for themselves to create a mark in the industry, and more often than never potential talents are lost in the crowd, courtesy wrong decisions.It’s very easy to find work for others but it’s a hard-core task if the same needs to be done for oneself.

We at MTH understand that requirement. We intend on managing the raw talent find them, Groom them, analyze their strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan of action accordingly. Guide them in accordance to their ability, projects and other relevant issues. Represent them through their own personal website and a professional portfolio prepared by our professional team.

We at MTH impart our talents with meaningful counseling and guidance in our attempt to endeavor them towards success. Since we diligently keep ourselves updated about the virtues and shortcomings of our talents, we strive to match our talent with projects which in turn brings justice to the talent and client as well.

Expose them to the right channels to help them gain a strong position in the industry. Possessing talent is not sufficient. It is the landmark for accomplishment but the raw talent needs to go through an extensive training process in order to be presentable.

We have tie up with more than 2000 esteemed clients around the globe including Film makers, Companies, Ad Agencies and we are not just restricted to Entertainment and Fashion client but from Corporate sector as well. We are committed to our Exclusive Talent, whether you are an upcoming actor, model, singer or a dancer, whoever or whatever you aim to be, we pitch work for you globally and cater to all your specific needs by providing a host of professional services at every step of your career and help you turn your dream in to reality as you are our first priority.

We offer a wide range of services where our personal manager takes care of all your tasks right from applying for auditions to booking appointments who search and get projects suitable for your profile and expertise area.

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Things have changed a lot from the old school time when Managers only managed someone who had “something going on.”Managers have now much more expertise in working with artists at every level. Managers represent artists at all stages of their careers. Preferably, they help develop the artist’s image to promote and introduce them to industry contacts.

Managers basically provide more personal guidance than agents do. Having a personal manager could be very instrumental. Your prospects of getting a personal manager to represent you, however, are much stronger if you have an ‘angle’ from which to market yourself.

Gone are the days when artists used to run behind people for work and struggle to get a lead. Even if you manage to land a project you might feel embarrassed and shy to follow up with the clients. We at MTH understand all the apprehensions that you might have to face in your initial days. Keeping this in mind. Moris talent hunt offers you the largest global platform with a group of professional and talented managers to grip your foot in the entertainment industry. We maintain the database of world’s largest talent group and set of managers in Show Biz Industry around the world. Our legitimate and certified team of professional personal managers are highly qualified,

skilled,well-educatedand trained to oversee all the activities and get involved in the process from deciding the looks to actually making choices about which photos to be used and so on. They are well connected on the industry standards and flexible as per your needs and very committed and secure to work with. Our mission is to develop an association between the talents and the talent seekers in the most conventional way for the satisfaction and benefit of both the parties.

They guide with number of services such as mentoring, promotions, counselling’s and follow ups and takes special care in boosting the profile, planning auditions and meetings with the industry stalwarts, mailing interviews via an extensive questionnaire to answers along with the resume or portfolio and managing accounts.

They constantly evaluate and monitor your profile exclusively as you have your own potential and competency which consequently create added value for your career. And establish professional connections and rapport with our clients which can build not only businesses but also loyalty.

We take a responsibility to invest in you and get you in the limelight.


Portfolio is a golden ticket to the Glamour as your Portfolio is the first thing casting professionals/ recruiters notice and it’s vital to have a Professional Portfolio to make your first impression. Having the right Portfolio can increase your chance to building up a career in right path. Portfolio is an essential investment that every talent should make.

A portfolio represents the artists and not only just their physical attributes but also their charm, confidence and versatility. And a right portfolio can help your portrait your true personality. It’s a first impression of who you are and the first impression is last impression holds particularly true in the Glamour and Media Industry as your casting entirely depends on your first look whether you will be contacted or skipped. The first thing that mesmerize you when you look at a person is their facial features. With the assistance of a Professional Portfolio, you can conveniently create a better impression on Casting Professionals.

A good portfolio shot by a professional not only enhances your chance of getting a good break in Glamour and Film industry but also gives you a right start and confidence. Since, Portfolio is your first step to enter into the entertainment world it has to be handled very carefully. It should highlight your talent, looks/beauty, moods, expressions and emotions, every detail of your that reflects your true personality cause every person is different and unique.

Portfolio plays the role of a qualifying degree for an aspiring talent. Henceforth, it’s always best to get Portfolio Shot by the professional as your Career entirely depends on it, shot portfolio can damage your entire career as a Model/Actor even before it actually begins due to lack incorrect portrayal.


There are millions of Talents wandering door steps to try their luck in Glamour world with no proper medium or knowledge.As the gateway to the entertainment industry opens with a professional portfolio. Hence, atMoris Talent Hunt, we guide the Talent to the right pathway through our professional team of photographers, makeup artists, fashion designers who are well informed and help one get the right portfolio done which will open the avenues of the opportunities for them. Our experts are well aware trained and experienced to understand each individual aspects and market need to create best unique Portfolio for emerging star.

Every Portfolio is different so does the Individual’s, their Character type, body type, personality and needs are different. For a model, you need a portfolio that enhance your Body, Look and must reflect your Looks in different attire. For an Actor their Portfolio is Portrait of different Emotion, it’s should reflect your versatility of your personality and character types.

We at MTH impart our talents with meaningful counseling and guidance in our attempt to endeavor them towards success. Since we diligently keep ourselves updated about the virtues and shortcomings of our talents, we strive to match our talent with projects which in turn brings justice to the talent and client as well.

As we understand the essence of quality Portfolio in Artist’s career, we do a special Portfolio shoot for our Exclusive Talent at our Cost. We also have a range of Portfolio options for one who wish to get a Portfolio done on their own to choose from.

moris talent hunt

Exclusive Talent

MorisTalent Hunt takes a great privileged to identify the real talent by giving a special badge of Moris Talent Hunt Exclusive Talent. If you have talent and you are confident in in your ability and aptitude then Moris talent hunt believes in you.

If you have Talent then you can become Moris Talent Hunt Exclusive Talent by signing an Exclusive contract with Moris Talent Hunt. By becoming Moris Talent Hunt Exclusive Talent you get various benefits like Grooming & guidance, Personalize auditions and job calls including Personal Manager service.

How to become Moris Talent Hunt Talent
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If you are free member and find it difficult to manage or follow up with casting call and agents every time or not getting proper responses on your applications. Then it’s time to get a personal Manager who can take help you better to find a role for yourself and follow up on your behalf

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Moris Talent Hunt services is not just limited to online. Moris Talent Hunt takes a full responsibility forour Exclusive Talent with both Online & Offline management service. Our Personal Manager through various means promote and groom the Talent as they required.

We take personal follow up with Talents to understand their ability, their vision, their shortcoming to help enhance their skills and help them overcome the huddles by providing them grooming classes, workshops, organizing auditions, take follow up, share feedback, organize portfolioand constantly work on Talent upskills.

We also held accountability of the Talent online profile, from time to review to update of profile to increase their visibility and also promoting them on the website by give Top visibility to the Talents Directory, through ads on the website and pitching profile to the possible client & Casting Directors. As well as promotions through various other social media platformslike Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Emails etc.


Personal Manager

We assign a Personal Manager to each of our Exclusive Talents who will take hold of Talent's account to give them proper guidance and assistance to their career and take follow up for the projects, boost your profile visibility and pitch your profile to Casting Directors and will hold all accountability to scheduling audition, meeting and taking follow up and feedback.


We intend on manage our raw Talent by understanding their strengths and weaknesses and Groom them accordingly and provide professional guidance in accordance to their fortes, projects and other relevant issues. We nurture the Talent to expertise in their genre through various workshops and grooming 5sessions.

Legal Advisor

At times Artist sign projects and contract without proper validation or with no knowledge of legal terms which could relevantly bound them in wrong projects. Hence, we provide Legal advisor to give impartial advice to our talents on various legal matters, drafting, and compliance of any ambiguity, litigations and other such unpredictable portfolio of challenges.

Verified Auditions

Moris Talent Hunt gives security a first priority and makes sure our Talent Hunt always opt for genuine project. Hence, we validate all Auditions, Jobs, Meetings, Projects thorough background check and further schedule any audition, meeting with clients only after proper verification.

Portfolio Shoot

We understand a Portfolio is a gold ticket to the Glamour and how important it is to have right Portfolio to building up a career. Hence, we guide our Talent to get a Professional Portfolio by our Industry Expert who knows how to best enhance each personality by the demand of the market.

Direct Submission

Exclusive Talent gets special access to all Jobs and directly connects to the recruiters. As well we give a priority visibility of our Talent by sharing their profile to the recruiters and pitching their profile to relevant Jobs/Audition. We provide personalized job notifications and alerts for new jobs and auditions on a priority basis.

Media Attentions

We introduce to our Talent through various platforms, Events, Social Media Promotions to give full media coverage, and publicity press conferences to boost their visibility and help them get valuable publicity. Also publish videos and Pictures time to time to gain more public attention.


Moris Talent Hunt provide a Global Platform to Artist to work anywhere in the World. For our Exclusive Talents, we make sure them don't have to brother for any hassle. If one is assigned for International Projects, we make sure to facility them Visa and all the legal clearance with 100% transparency and security.


We believe our Talent should have no hassle if they are traveling hence, we arrange their round-trip tickets, get prior checking of their setup with client and take time to time follow up with them to make sure they receive best travel experience.


We take a great responsibility to provide great hospitality from the client hence, we check every details of accommodation, rating, environment, safety prior to arrival to make sure they a comfortable stay.


We deal with all the aspects of security for our Talent from Validation of Job & Individual, Authenticity of the Project & Job, Legal Advice, Travel, Accommodation, Visa Clearance, Safety and also make sure our Talent doesn’t ever have to encounter any sour situation of Casting Couch or failed payment then we assign project to Artist only after thorough Background check of each project.


We validate each Audition/Job Post on our website with detailed verifications and checks. Our team of professionals filters all Auditions, Jobs and Project and contacts for jobs and auditions and only approves legitimate Job/ Project and shares the same to our talents on daily basis update.


Priority visibility on the website

Our Exclusive have special badge on their profile which is visible to Top List on the website home, Display in search list, add on various Pages and on relevant Talent search. We promote and pitch our Exclusive Talent to Relevant Audition/Job recruiters on the website, their Search list and through emails.

Related Talent

On any search our Exclusive Talent will be displayed on the Related Talent List every time a Casting Director/ Recruiter visit the site. Their profile will be visible as authentic talent whiles every visit to Talent Directory.

Website Ad

We promote our website is Various Platform and also promote our Talent through website Ad and publicity. Our Exclusive Talent has their own add on the website which will be displayed to visitor time and again.

Email Promotion

We Email our Exclusive Talent profiles to Casting Recruiter, Companies & Brands to increase their chance to get cast by promoting their Profile and make sure they get best Projects and Contract with best market value.


Priority visibility on the website

Our Exclusive have special badge on their profile which is visible to Top List on the website home, Display in search list, add on various Pages and on relevant Talent search. We promote and pitch our Exclusive Talent to Relevant Audition/Job recruiters on the website, their Search list and through emails.


If you wish to become Moris Talent Hunt Talent then we take a full responsibility to Give you a proper guidance, groom you and help you achieve your dream career. We ensure to carter you by all possible means and nourish you to become a true star, with our range of services we will assist you in every step of your career and introduce you to the Glamour world in a level which will help you establish as a renowned personality. We have tie up with more than 2000 clients around the globe including Film makers, Casting Directors, Brands and Companies, Ad Agencies not only limited to Entertainment and Fashion client but Corporate sector as well and we will help you get the best project such as movies,music videos, web series, commercial ad films, event, E-commerce, print & digital shoot, fashion brand model, Brand endorsement, Runway modeling etc. as per your caliber.

To Become Moris Talent Hunt we have to sign a mutual contract of 12 month, 24 months or 5 years. During this tenure of your contract we will give you all the special services as Exclusive Talent and also take responsibility to find Job for you as Moris Talent Hunt whole investment depends on your success. Your success is our success, if you earns well then Moris Talent Hunt investment will bear fruit. MTH usually have its share of 20%-25% on the projects which you do depending on the Projects. But for some project we charge 0% depending on Clients, Brands & Projects.