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• Runway Techniques

• Photo Movement

• Nutrition and Exercise

• Industry Information

• Product and Fashion Ads

• Poise and Posture

• Grooming Skills

• Model Etiquette

• Self Confidence Training

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Moris talent hunt believes in offering our students real life help to achieve their goals. And while we can’t guarantee job placement, most Moris talent hunt Schools do offer agency or placement services. Be sure to ask your Moris talent hunt for details on industry placement services.


Whether you’ve always dreamed of appearing on the silver screen, or maybe you just want to land a spot in the school play, we approach our acting program with fundamentals that will get you started on the right path for your goals. Moris talent hunt actors can be seen everywhere from Nickelodeon, FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, Disney, HBO, major motion pictures, national commercials, local theatres, and more. And when it comes to searching for a place to get started in acting, Moris talent hunt is the star of the show.


• Audition Practice

• On Stage Showmanship

• Voice and Diction

• Industry Information

• Monologues

• On Camera Classes

• Commercial Acting

• Art of Self Promotion

• Improvisation

• Self Confidence Development

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How to Get an Acting mth Agent

For actors, perhaps no relationship is more crucial than that which is maintained with their agent. Sure, significant others are lovely but this is the person whose job it is to serve as your personal representative in the industry at large. If that sounds like a big deal, that’s because it is. There are countless ways an agent can make or break your career, today and for years to come.

Navigating the actor-agent landscape can be treacherous, with unforeseen obstacles galore. We know how daunting agency prospects can be, so we created a one-stop shop for all things agent: how to get an acting agent, how to keep one, how to make ’em happy, and every question in between. Below you will find everything you could possibly want and need to know, because you love your craft and deserve a talent agent who loves theirs, too.