MORIS TALENT HUNT is the world’s first largest global platform for Entertainment Industry, an a-z directory of Show biz with more than a Million connections around the Globe, bridging the gap between talents and talent hunters. It’s being a host to the world’s first largest windows shops for Entertainment Industry, a stop shops for the largest Exotic Locations Gallery, the most prominent Directory of Celebrities and the aspiring Talents and Networking of the best Film Makers and Recruiters from around the Globe.

Moris Talent Hunt is not just an online platform it’s a mission to help Talented artists to provide a platform to get a recognition for their talent around the globe and it’s playing a phenomenal part of time management in this fast pace world of internet by bringing the whole network of the market at the fingertips. Moris Talent Hunt in search of talents in every nook &corner of the world for the talents who lack of opportunities, Finances, Proper contacts, we provide them all.

We understands the numerous entry barriers Artists has to face around the Globe to make their, especially for individuals without a starry background. Henceforth we bring unrequited love for recognition in the form of a magnificent and one of a kind online platform – a digital portal, solving all woes to an entrance to the entertainment industry, for all talents to showcase their art in a more convenient and cost-effective way and the most hassle free casting for the Film Makers to cast the perfect fit for there project be it the Talents, Crew, Location, Celebrities or any.

Our mission is to encouraging more individuals to follow their dreams by shrinking the perimeter of their search for talent/talent hunters from the yellow pages to their fingertips. With one can easily upload their portfolios, auditions, recordings, clips, profiles and projects and broadcast themselves to the watchful eyes of the hunters in search for new talent. Our vision is to revolutionize the whole casting process to easy online site for more cost effective and impressive array of the most renowned brands in the world with an authentic digital talent hub to end their physical casting hassle in search of talents across the globe.

The world’s largest digital platform in Media Industry networking Millions of Fresh Talents, Celebrities, Actors, Directors, Producers, Casting Directors, Models, Photographers, Dancers, Singers, Musicians, Designers, Videographers, Stylists, writers, locations and many more,

traversing a full 360 degrees trajectory giving the world a new dimension of the Industry. Moris Talent Hunt is a Knight in shining Armour in the Glam world across the Globe, severing a purpose to bring a new Era of Entertainment world by revolutionizing the whole system of the Industries across the National, making the World a one place.

Be fearless in the pursuit of what
puts your soul on fire

We conjure dreams and ideas, and nurture them with care. We venture into the unknown, and in a constant go for exploring our horizons, because a distinctive creation requires a distinctive mind that dares to dreams different and devotes to it. We carve out our own niche, and brave all risks, because risks are worth taking in the process of creating history.

Enlightment by

We tenaciously accumulate feedback and opinions from all sources, and actively seek feedback of our audience. Accepting our drawbacks and shortcomings and taking criticism positively is an active catalyst in the process of our growth. Our foundation stones are observance, acceptance, improvement and dreams. The appreciation and criticism of our audience makes our small creative community.

Fabricate the

We revolutionize new avenues; breathe life into our movies through our unique ideas. We craft our own future, and strive to craft a new future for the entertainment indus- try. We believe setting new trends and create a cult.

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The expectations of our audience elevate our potential and passion for our work. Each figment of our imagination is nurtured with great care, like our babies, we let them grow and give them body. We believe in setting new goals and breaking them as we grow.